BB&T and SunTrust Community Commitment

Have you seen the joint community commitment to affordable housing chart from these merging entities?


Do You Use Facebook for Disaster Response?

Join Facebook's Politics and Government Outreach Team for a live broadcast July 26 from 12:00 to 1:00 Eastern to learn best practices, products and tools to  build community resilience, before, during and after a disaster. 

Here's how to join the group: Go to Facebook.com/GovtPolitics; click Groups on the left menu; under Groups by this Page, click +Join Group; answer three membership questions.

Tiny Homes make it to Parade Magazine


Opinion: Make the Cost of Home Something We Can All Afford

Two former HUD secretaries state the facts: https://shelterforce.org/2019/06/14/opinion-make-the-cost-of-home-something-we-can-all-afford/

Tax Credit for 1 to 4-Unit Rehabs?

The Neighborhood Homes Investment Act calls for the creation of a new federal tax credit that will produce new equity investment dollars for the development and renovation of 1-4 family housing in distressed urban, suburban, and rural neighborhoods. Memphis is cited in the description here:   https://neighborhoodhomesinvestmentact.org/ Download the Executive Summary

Is Increasing Density the Solution?

An article in Governing reviews efforts and results: https://www.governing.com/topics/urban/gov-zoning-density.html

Executive Order to Stimulate Affordable Housing

President Donald Trump signed an executive order Tuesday that establishes a White House Council tasked with identifying and removing barriers hindering the development of affordable housing.

In effect, he is “tearing down red tape in order to build more affordable housing,” a White House release said.

...Costly regulations have contributed to a shortage of affordable homes...


Next Council Meeting...

Let's take pictures at the Council meetings with our Coalition logo sign so we can post them on LinkedIn and our organizations' sites to help market the Coalition!   


NeighborWorks Training is open to You!

Take your professional development—and your career—to the next level! Registration is now open for the New Orleans NeighborWorks Training Institute, August 19-23, 2019. Don't miss a very special symposium, "Closing the Life Expectancy Gap" on Aug. 21. Network with more than 1,800 colleagues from all over the country and enjoy top-notch training in community development and nonprofit management. https://www.neighborworks.org/Training-Services/Training-Professional-Development

Senior Housing

Member Urban Housing Solutions had a public event last week celebrating progress on their senior living initiative. Here's a clip from the Tennessee Tribune article: NASHVILLE, TN — People age 62 and up will be able to find affordable housing in a new development complex being built in North Nashville slated for completion in summer of 2020. Fifty-five rental units in a contemporary complex (complete with a rooftop solar panels) will be located at 26th and Clarksville as Phase III in what will be a three-building complex with multigenerational housing.  Phases I is built and Phase II opens this summer. A Phase III ground breaking marked the beginning of the new construction. 

Read the rest here https://tntribune.com/community/local/nashville/affordable-housing-coming-for-seniors-in-north-nashville/ and see Urban Housing's site for more: https://www.urbanhousingsolutions.org/news/properties/26th-clarksville/.

Innovative Housing Meeting: HUD and NAHB


Who's With Us?

The membership list as of July 6 is posted on the Resources page. Please

1) check your information; 2) make a fresh list of those working in housing in your area to invite to join!


Metro Nashville has Plans!

The Middle Tennessee Council was pleased to host presentations on two Nashville / Davidson County programs: Hannah Davis with the Barnes Fund and Matt Wiltshire with the Under One Roof initiative. The slides are here: https://tnahc.org/assets/Under%20One%20Roof%205-17.pptx


Mission Moment

We look for ways to tell our story, to educate others on exactly how we are developing housing opportunities for Tennesseans. Will you share some of your success stories with the membership? We want to learn from each other. 

Opportunity Zones!

See Nashville's news release at the bottom of this page.



As you recruit new members, remember online payments are possible.

You will see opportunities to assign two members for City/County memberships and three members for Corporate memberships.



To connect, educate and advocate housing opportunities for Tennesseans 

Attainable and sustainable housing for every Tennessean.