TNAHC Committees

1. Communication and PR-Advocacy Committee (Newsletter)         

  • Define our communication agenda.
  • Develop messages and materials.
  • Identify audiences for communication.
  • Engage, establish and maintain ongoing lines of communication.
  • Gather feedback and modify positions, messages, and materials as appropriate.                 

                  Chair:   Sernorma MItchell -

2. Education Committee (Housing Summit, Speakers Bureau, Conferences Awareness)         

  • Establish guidelines to utilize CHDAT funds to assist non-profits in furthering their education
  • Assist with the expansion of the Governor’s Housing Summit.
  • Make member organizations aware of available educational opportunities.
  • Refine and expand web based resources targeted at networking and education of coalition members.             

                  Chair:   Daryl Hill - Woodbine Community Organization,

3. Finance Committee        

  • Assist with the expansion of income to assist operations of coalition.
  • Monitor membership dues effectiveness and make recommendations. 

                  Chair:   Sharon Bosworth – Affordable Housing Resources,

4. Legislative Committee

  • Engage, establish and maintain ongoing lines of communication with legislators.
  • Establish areas of coalition alignment and define our communication/advocacy agenda.
  • Plan annual legislative event.
  • Identify legislative bills that affect affordable housing.
  • Establish areas of coalition alignment                 

                Chair:  Eric Haralson - Triage Associates,

5. Membership Committee (Grow Membership, Directory)         

  • Expand Tennessee Affordable Housing Coalition (TNAHC) membership.
  • Increase participation and effectiveness of regional TNAHC organizations.
  • Develop and maintain a comprehensive directory of coalition members, including identification and description of member organizations and individual representatives/members.                         

                Chair:   Carla Jarrell - Pinnacle Financial Partners,