Your membership in TNAHC showcases your organization's dedication to creating more safe, healthy, and affordable housing, across Tennessee. The benefits of membership range from educational and business-building resources to  to an effective grassroots network that shapes the views of our elected officials and law-makers. Whether you represent a non-profit housing organization, financial institution, or a for-profit development entity, we aim to enhance your competency in the ultimate bottom line- creating more affordable housing. 

Benefits include:

Advocacy at all levels of government:  From input on how government and federal funding is spent to housing policy,   your membership gives you a voice with your legislative representatives. 

Collective Power: Affordable housing practitioners, both for-profit and non-profit , speak their unique languages- and it’s changing more quickly today than it ever has before. You need to stay up to date, not only on current trends in housing, but also issues that affect housing, from healthcare to transportation.  TNAHC members benefit from holistic conversations and relationships, surrounding all of these key issues. 

Access members-only information: Our weekly e-newsletter, and annual digital update, provide you with breaking news and current information.

Opportunities to Support Your Local Community:  Our regional councils are dedicated to creating local grassroots initiatives, unique to each region, while also sharing across regions, for a solidified, "one-Tennessee" voice. 

Connections:  Membership affords you opportunities to increase advocacy, efficacy, and business through connections with other professionals, across a variety of industries, all uniquely passionate solving the affordable housing crisis. Bring awareness to your company or organization and learn what your peers are doing. Events include virtual and traditional membership luncheons, after-hours mixers, educational events, and more.